Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Planet Photoshop Teaches Crumpled Paper

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I've been meaning to add this fabulous site to my sidebar for some time now. As I absolutely can't believe some of the real high quality tutorials that are available FOR FREE. The Blog is called Planet Photoshop. The blogger is Corey Barker, one of the leading educators in his field and author of many great books. Today I was there and played around with the lesson on how to make crumpled looseleaf paper. Yes you could crumple up a piece of the stuff and scan it, but you would still have to remove the background and deal with the shadows on the edges. By the time you have done all that you could have made one digitally from scratch and learned some useful photoshop shortcuts and features in the process. Oh and with the layered psd saved on your computer you can add writing to the paper that will also be crumpled, and change it for future use! The tutorial shows you how. So here are some cool links for you...

Link to the How To at Planet Photoshop

Link to downloading the one I made as a png for FREE!

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