Friday, May 16, 2008

More on Converting Photos to Stamplike Images

Remember my post from a few weeks back when I described a simple photoshop technique for converting a photo into an image that looks rubber stamped? Today I'm sharing another cool project using this technique and adding an extra step for more versatility. Here's the photo I began with. Again it is from istockphoto. I love this service I can always quickly find the high quality image I need and download it for just a few dollars.

So just as before I converted the image. To read the instructions see my older post A Cool Photoshop Discovery Here is how it looked next:

Now I wanted to be able to add color behind the black lines so I needed to remove the white. There are a number of different ways to do this. Here is the one I found easiest. Before beginning you must use a file format that supports transparent backgrounds, such as .tif or .gif. If your image is a .jpeg simply use the Save as... command and save it as a .tif. Secondly, your image must not be on a background layer. If it is a background layer you can convert it by right clicking on the layer in the layer palette and selecting Layer From Background

At the top of the screen click on Select. From the drop down menu choose Color Range.

You will get a dialog box that looks like this. At the top of the box select Sampled Colors. Now when you drag the mouse over your image the cursor should turn into an eyedropper. This tells you that photoshop is ready to sample wherever you click. Place the eyedropper over a clear white area and click. If you have the radio button for selection clicked you will now see a mini image in the dialog box that looks something like your larger image. The white areas will be selected. The black will not. When you click OK to close the dialog box the selection will be made. You should now see the "marching ants" all over the page.

The next step is simple. Go to Edit and select Cut. Or if you prefer keyboard shortcuts press CTRL X. All the white should disappear. Here is what the tree image looked like at this point.

Now you can do all sorts of things with this image! As luck would have it, just after I created this tree "stamp" while I was still wondering what I was going to do with it, I discovered that my 13 year old daughter's Middle School production of "Into the Woods" was in need of promotional posters. Naturally I volunteered for the job. I opened up my tree "stamp" added a blue gradient layer below and a yellow radial gradient between the blue and the stamp for the moonlight. I used a Creating Keepsakes font called Family Tree for the play's title. The posters are a big hit at school. Here's how they turned out.

Oh and I'm also helping with props. Papier Mache here I come! When oh when will I rubber stamp or scrapbook again? LOL Don't get me wrong-I love seeing my daughter perform and I like helping with her productions. By the way if you are curious she will be Jack's mother. I think she is perfect for that part. I can hardly wait for show time.