Friday, April 11, 2008

A Cool Photoshop Discovery - "Make" Your Own Landscape Stamp

Recently I was viewing some of the wonderful artwork on my favorite blogs and egroups, when I came across a card that I wished I could CASE. The trouble was it called for a kind of stamp that I don't own yet (notice the operative word..."yet" lol).
So if you know me then you know not having what I need is like throwing me a challenge. It's an invitation to get creative.
In this case the problem was I didn't have any highly detailed landscape stamps. I began to think, "can I create an image that looks like a landscape stamp using photoshop?" I sat down at my computer and began to play. This is the photo I started with. It is a stock image I purchased at istockphoto.

Do you know how exciting it feels when you're just stumbling around, experimenting with ideas and you discover something you think is really cool AND IT'S EASY? Well that's what happened! After I succeeded in making it look like a stamped image, I stretched it and printed it onto 12x12 cardstock. This is what the cardstock looked like.

And here's the scrapbook page I made with it. It was perfect for these photos of my daughters on St. Pete's beach in Florida, taken way back in February of 2000!

Intrigued? Want to learn how to do this? There are only two simple steps! NOW do you want to know? Oh, and it works in Elements too!!

Open the image you wish to turn into your "stamp"
1.Go to Filters>stylize>find edges...
(This looks pretty cool but it's not a stamp yet)
2.This step is a little different in Elements and CS
ELEMENTS: Go to Filter>adjustments>threshold...
CS: Go to Image>adjustments>threshold...
a box with a little graphy thingy that has a slider under it will pop up. The graph usually looks like a hill. I find sliding the arrow until it is under the uphill slope usually works well. Where to put the slider varies depending on the image you are working with. Moving to the left makes it whiter; to the right makes it blacker. I've found the final image will be a bit darker than the preview, so you may need to experiment to get it just the way you want it. If you don't like it the first time just undo the threshold step and try again!

That's it! It's ready to print and play. You will see more of this technique on my blog! I LOVE it!!

If you try it I'd love to see what you do! Post a link here or email me and I'll post for you.


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

WOW! That turned out great!

aussie_caz said...

This was very clear and worked really well! Thanks :)

NancyY said...

now this is totally cool - and your page turned out fantastic!
I will try this soon!