Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adobe Releases Photoshop Express Beta

Hi all. If you read my blog because you think you might want to get into Photoshop, then you must check out Adobe's new website. It's a cross between a photo storing site like Photobucket or Picasa and Photoshop "lite". For FREE you can store up to 2GB of photos and link to them from your blog, Facebook or whatever. But the really cool part is there are a host of editing tools also available. You'll find the standards like cropping, rotating, sharpening, and red eye removal. But even more fun are the one button special effects. If you've ever done spot color with Photoshop (you know the look, everything is black and white except one color) you'll be amazed with the Pop Color feature. Just click on the color you want to "pop" and everything else goes black & white. How cool is that? And its FREE! No software to buy and never learn. I urge you to go play! Here's the link

Photoshop Express Beta

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