Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shaped Text Blocks and Blog Freebie!

The original photo in this layout was a 5x7. It lives in a frame in my living room because I love it so. The photographer who gave me this picture captured my daughter just as she was going over one of her very first little jumps. It was a beautiful Fall day, the colors on the trees behind her made a lovely backdrop. It wasn't until I scanned it and zoomed in that I realized how the photo captured the look of concentration on her face. So instead of scrapbooking the whole 5x7 I decided to enlarge and crop.

The area to Catie's right just begged to become the journaling block. What I did next can only be done in later versions of Photoshop and can not be done in Elements. But don't worry there is a workaround so skip ahead if you have a version of photoshop without the pen tool.

I selected the freeform pen tool, set it to "paths" and drew the shape by tracing just along the outside of Catie. Then I switched to the regular pen tool, still set to "paths" to close the shape with nice straight lines on the other three sides.

To set the pen tool to paths click on the icon at the top left as shown in the illustration here:

Once the work path was completed, I selected the type tool and clicked inside the shape. When you do this you will see parentheses appear next to the type tool icon, indicating that your type will be enclosed in the path you created. Then it was just a question of typing my story and the text automatically took the shape I had drawn. How cool is that?

Now I realize most digiscrappers have Elements or an older version of PS, but here comes the good stuff. You can still get this effect because although you can't create these text blocks you can insert them and edit them. There are numerous digital stores that will sell you all kinds of shaped templates, but I'm going to give you two for FREE! Follow this link to my website and you can download as my gift to you two text templates. One is a full circle, the other is a heart

Jessica Sprague created a great video tutorial showing how to insert Text templates into Photoshop Elements. Click here to view this video.

BTW the girl in this photo is the same child featured in the previous post "Out of Control." Just thought I'd share that for all of you who fret about not being caught up! In my opinion the pictures aren't going anywhere, so relax and scrap 'em when you can :-)

Click here to download FREE Text Templates

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