Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Out of Control?

I've always really loved this photograph of Catie when she was sooo little (she's 16 now). As scrapbookers you know how it is, you have favorite pictures and they intimidate you. You wait forever to scrap them because you want so badly for the page to be as wonderful as the photo. For me this is one of those photos. I scanned it just to enlarge it. The plan was to make it a 5 x 7 and do one of those one photo traditional 12 x 12 layouts, gushing with praise of just how precious this baby is and embellished with adorable things.

But once I had photoshop open a voice in my head said, "hmm, what could you do with this digitally?" When it comes to digital pages I love the kits as much as anyone and have folders full of them to prove it. But I also love that I can create a page that is ALL my own. No purchased papers, or embellishments. And that was the direction I decided I wanted to go in with this photo.

What happened next I can only describe as a total loss of control. An urge I decided to go with and explore. Since I loved the picture so much, why not just feature it? I could have made it 12 x 12, but I felt there was more impact in repeating it, and layering it so that in places only the eyes or some other small parts were featured.

So here's my final result and I'm just not sure if I love it or I've lost my mind. So I turn to you for your opinions. Here's what Ive heard from my daughters. The child featured in the lo thinks its "creepy." Her sister is just jealous that it's not a lo of her. LOL

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stampin_melissa said...

I like this layout! I think it shows just how special this picture is to you. I like how you made the journaling soft so it doesn't take much attention away from the picture.