Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Find It With An Image Search

The idea for this page lived for months in my mind. My son who has major issues with foods related to his OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) has nearly lived off of French Fries for most of his life. So you see I just had to have this page in his book. Every time I shopped for scrapping supplies I would look for anything, paper, stickers whatever of French Fries. No Luck. The closest I ever got was a picnic set that was mostly Burgers and Hot Dogs, two things Anthony NEVER eats. Alas I eventually realized I was on my own. Well actually I take back the “Alas” because I do so enjoy having to wing it from time to time. One of my Fave resources for finding what I need is the Google image search. You are probably familiar with Google searches but I’m surprised by how many people I talk to who have never explored some of Google’s more targeted search options. If you are at Google’s web site you’ll find them at the top left hand side of the starting page. If you have the Google tool bar installed on your browser click on the little black arrow next to the “G”. There is an assortment of cool options. My two favorites: “images” and “shopping” :-} The image search further allows you to filter for the size of image you are looking for, saving you time. I searched for French Fries and followed the links to the images I liked. I saved the image to my computer by right clicking on it and choosing “Save picture as…” from the pop up menu. In the LO I printed the fries twice, cut some out from one image and popped them on top of the other. (In good conscience I can’t take credit for this idea-Thanks Pat!)

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Pat Huntoon said...

No credit due -- you are brilliant with these things. Did you make the BG paper, too?