Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paper to Digital to Paper Again

I began scrapbooking in 2001. My first book was a simple compilation of family events from the spring and summer of that year. Whenever I pull that book off the shelf I have to fight the urge to redo all the pages – I’ve learned so much since then! But I’ve sworn an oath not to do that. To do so would be to erase my growth as a scrapbooker. That would be personal history lost and isn’t preserving history what scrapbooking is about anyway?

I am working on a collection of volumes devoted to my second child, Catie who is presently 16 years old. My goal is to chronicle each of my three children from birth through High School graduation and to have each one done shortly after they graduate. My eldest, Anthony was finishing up his freshman year of college when I finished his books. For me that was close enough to my target to be happy. But I digress. As I was compiling the books for the kids I realized that some of the events I wanted to include were already scrapped in older books. Rather than do the same photos all over again from scratch I thought I’d move things along by scanning the old pages and using those copies on a new page.

The glorious part of this for me was now I could eat my cake and have it. The original page stays untouched in its album but I get to “redo” it digitally for the new book!

Here is the scan of the original page from the summer of 2001. It’s hard for me NOT to cringe when I see it. The paper colors are dull, it lacks balance, the stamping isn’t done very well and where’s the title?

So into Photoshop I went; what a power rush it gave me. First I extracted the stamped images and pasted them onto new layers. Then "erased" the original stamped images by cloning the background over them. Cool, now I was able to move the stamps to my heart’s content! Oh, and darken them too.

Calling up the clone stamp tool I completely obliterated the unreadable lame attempt at journaling I’d made back in 2001. Call up the text tool and POW new Title, new journal block.

When I was done with the digital editing I printed the page onto 8.5 x 11 photo paper and took it to my work table to incorporate into my new 12 x 12 page. Some matting and embellishing and I soon had a page I could get excited about. I was especially pleased to finally use those slides I’d made at CKU back in 2004! Here's the final page for Catie's books. I love the transformation! What do you think?

Stamp credit: Stampin Up: On The Beach: 2002

Fonts used: Title: Dirtfont; journaling: Catchup thin


Lisa said...

Very nice lo. Very clever use of the old lo.

Monica said...

Great job. It's true looking back at old LOs it's easy to find something "wrong". But it's part of being scrapper, isn't it? :-)
See you
Monica (Rome, Italy)