Sunday, January 20, 2008

Digital and Paper: Hybrid scrapbooking

Hi, this is my first ever blog post. I've been thinking about this ever since my good friend, Pat Huntoon, started her blog. Well here I finally am, wish me luck. I plan to share my artwork, and tips on how I've created my pieces. I have a love for finding new ways to use my computer as a scrapbooking tool. I am an advanced photoshop user but I will share simple techniques for beginner's as well as tricks that don't require any special software.
To begin with today I'll share one of my all time favorite hybrid scrapbook spreads. The term hybrid scrapbook refers to when you use the computer as well as traditional paper and glue materials to create your page.

For this page I scanned the cover of the novel "Les Miserables" into photoshop. I duplicated it many times, each one on a new layer. Then I played with placement, color, and blending modes and then grunged it up a bit. I was just thrilled with the result. I printed the resulting background paper onto 12 x 12 white cardstock then finished the page in traditional paper scrapbooking fashion. The bands of color across the bottom is a real ribbon, the photo and its mounts are glued on. The title was sooo much fun to do. I used photoshop to extract the scanned title from the book cover, imported that into the Silhouette software and then cut the letters out of Bazzill cardstock using the silhouette. Yes, I have some really cool toys. I promise my next post will be simpler but I really love this page. I hope you will too.
Let me know if you'd like me to post more detailed instructions.


Pam said...

This is so cool! I have played around with "hybrid" scrapbooking too and loved it! Great page!

Pat Huntoon said...

Welcome to the world of BLOGGING! Be careful, it is addictive. Your page looks great (okay, it is even better in person) and your blog is great, too!

Donna said...

I also LOVE scrapbooking and my computer -- please tell me what printer you are using to print on 12x12 cardstock.

Valerie Byrnes said...

In answer to your question Donna, I have an HP Photosmart 8700 and I love it. I print on cardstock and photo paper. I buy the HP premium plus paper in rolls and cut it down to 12 x 12. I believe one of the other companies actually sells their paper pre cut to 12 x 12 but I believe you get the best results buying your inks and paper from your printer manufacturer.

Donna said...

I have the Canon Digital Rebel. I have three lenses and an additional flash. This allows me to get some awesome pictures of my kids inside and outside sporting events.